Please Sponsor Yom Tov Meals at Masbia

Post on: June 5, 2024

People who end up at a soup kitchen for a Yom Tov meal are the neediest amongst us. We need your support to help them. Yom Tov accommodations for the needy demand a lot of resources in food, staff and logistics, and we need financial support. You can sponsor one guest for one Yom Tov meal for $54. Each sponsorship includes: pro-rated rent, utilities, all our holiday staff, mashgiach temidi, food, wine, dishes, supplies and cleanup.

For every donation of $540 or more, we will post your dedication in our dining room over Yom Tov. If you wish to sponsor a Yom Tov meal on a particular date such as a yahrzeit or family celebration, please email We currently serve about forty individuals each meal. (Shavuos includes six meals. Four meat, and two dairy.)

Charity is always an important ingredient for a special occasion. 

Purim at Masbia

Light up Shabbat across New York with your kindness. Join in supporting Masbia's Shabbos meal service at multiple locations, bringing community and comfort to those in need during Shabbat. Every donation helps spread warmth and togetherness.


$54 Yom Tov Meal

$540 10 Meals at Masbia

$2700 50 Meals at Masbia





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