Who We Are

Masbia is a not-for-profit charity organization that was founded in April 2005 with one goal in mind – no one should go to sleep hungry, even if they could not afford a meal that day. In 2009, after the great recession, Masbia opened more locations. The expansion was even mentioned on Saturday Night Live. Masbia was actually featured in People Magazine in 2014 as a “restaurant without a cash register”.

After a couple of years, Masbia staff started giving people raw food to take home. It quickly turned into a weekly food package distribution that now dwarfs in volume the amount of food served at the restaurant. Now Masbia operates two programs, one known as Soup-Kitchen, where people are served ready-to-eat dinners, and the other as Food-Pantry, where people receive raw food ingredient packages to take with them.

A few hundred families visit Masbia every day at each of our three locations. That means about 1,000 families a day and 5,000 families a week get food relief from Masbia. In addition to people visiting Masbia to get services, Masbia is venturing to do deliveries with the support of DoorDash. Masbia also activates a relief squad that responds to emergencies beyond the existing neighborhoods we operate in.

Masbia is a grass-roots, hand-to-mouth organization where every dollar donated makes it into someone’s stomach in less than two weeks. Everything that is done at Masbia is done only because tens of thousands of people like you come together and share resources to make it happen.

In Short: Masbia Soup Kitchen Network provides emergency food to people in need due to financial status or because of natural disasters via ready-to-eat nutritious meals and raw groceries, free of charge.

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