Thanksgiving Week Vegetable Prep and Drive by Orach Chaim Volunteers for Masbia Soup Kitchen

Orach_Chaim_Volunteer_Day_Masbia.jpgPrep one ton of fresh vegetables at Congregation Orach Chaim to feed the needy at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. Drop in or stay the afternoon as volunteers of all ages prepare 2,000 pounds of fresh vegetables that will be cooked and served to families in need. It doesn't need to stop at one ton. Masbia could use a lot more. The first ton is sponsored by Naomi and Steve Wolinsky but you could join the drive by: volunteering to peel, chop, dice, and bag the vegetables; donating money to the Orach Chaim Drive; donating more vegetables; donating equipment to prep the vegetables.

Orach_Chaim_Volunteer_Day_Group_Masbia.jpgIf you prefer to donate goods and items rather than make a monetary donation, we have a few choices available for you. If you wish to donate more vegetables, we encourage selecting ones that are kid-friendly to prep such as carrots, parsnips, turnips, varieties of zucchini (not winter squash like butternut squash and pumpkin which are hard to chop), celery roots, sweet potatoes (not white potatoes), string beans, beets. Vegetables should be delivered to Orach Chaim between 12pm - 2pm on Sunday, November 19th. Amazon Fresh and FreshDirect are easy ways to directly send produce to the location. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, we are able to buy produce in bulk for wholesale prices. On average, we pay $0.90 per pound for vegetables. Donate directly to us and we will purchase the vegetables on your behalf.

Naomi_Wollinsky_Orach_Chaim_Volunteer_Bagging_for_Masbia_Soup_Kiitchen.jpgIn order to serve people with dignity with lots of nutritious vegetables, we need equipment to prepare them. With constant wear-n-tear, we are always in need of small items such as peelers and knives to larger equipment such as electronic blenders and food processors. Even commercial products end up breaking at some point due to the nonstop usage. Serving 2,000,000 meals a year puts a real strain on everything. In order for the items to be Toveled in time for Sunday, all items will be sent to Naomi Wolinsky's home. You can even include a little message for her when sending items. If you order on time, you will see your items at the drive. If you order after the drive, Naomi will ensure that all items will be sent to Masbia. Check out the list.

When: Sunday, November 19th 2pm - 5pm

Where: Congregation Orach Chaim (in the Social Hall) 1459 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10128 (Between East 94th & 95th Street)

To make a monetary donation, click here for the Orach Chaim Donate Page

To Donate Equipment, Click here for Amazon Wishlist

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