Share Shabbat by Sharing Shlissel Challah – Sponsor Challah Ingredient Kits at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

Post on: April 30, 2019

Our best response to hate and darkness is kindness and mitzvos. So let’s show solidarity and Jewish pride this Shabbos. The first Shabbos after Passover is known for the shlissel challah, which is an old custom (with many explanations) to shape a challah into the form of a key, or to braid it on top of the challah, or even to stick a real key inside a challah. But this year, let’s take it a step further and make it Sharing Shlissel Challah Shabbos by providing families in need with the opportunity to make their own shlissel challah.

Every week, over 1500 families come to the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network to pick up emergency food rations. We try to include ingredients to make challah such as flour, yeast, sugar, and oil. Masbia needs your help to be able to buy those ingredients. One set of Challah ingredients costs us $8. Click here to donate.

For a good recipe for making shlissel challah, visit Below is a video of Rochie Pinson, author of Rising: The Book of Challah, with an appeal to sponsor DIY Challah ingredient kits to help Masbia feed the needy.