Feed The Needy at Masbia and Receive a Subscription to Fleishigs Magazine

During these hot summer evenings, there are a lot of forgotten people who use Masbia's services. The homeless man who was out all day and is looking for his only meal of the day. The Holocaust survivor coming with a home attendant for a fresh dinner. The under-employed worker who struggles to get through the month. The single mother coming for raw groceries to cook for her children at home.

To take care of these forgotten people, Shlomo and Shifra Klein, publishers of Fleishigs Magazine, have partnered with Masbia and will sign you up for a subscription to their magazine when you donate to Masbia, as an incentive to sponsor food to help feed the needy. Your donation of $216 will sponsor 36 (2 x Chai) hot meals at $6 a meal, or 4 emergency raw food packages for families to take home at $54 a package, and you will get a full year's subscription.

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Shifra and Shlomo Klein, Fleishigs Magazine Publishers, In Their Own Words:

"Masbia has 3 locations where they help out people, whether it's with meals or with actual raw products to take home and cook themselves. There are three locations: Flatbush, Boro Park and Queens. They prepare two million meals a year. Guys, if you donate thirty six meals - that's $216 - not only will you help this amazing organization out, you will also get a subscription to Fleishigs Magazine. Thirty-six meals, not a lot, $216 and not only will you feel good about yourself, but everyone in the house will feel good with all the good stuff that you make out of it".

Every little bit helps. $6 sponsors 1 meal, $216 sponsors 36 meals and you get a subscription to Fleishigs. Choose from the options below: