Autographed Cookbooks donated to Masbia by Authors to Give to Donors

Distributing 2 million meals a year to the needy is a huge undertaking. To make it happen Masbia needs many partners. Many of the best known chefs from all over America join in Masbia's efforts in various ways--some come to volunteer, some help with recipes, and some donate their own autographed cookbooks for us to give as gifts to our well-deserving donors. In return for your donation of $360, you can choose from a selection of autographed cookbooks. The selection of cookbooks varies based on what is donated to Masbia. There are limited copies of each book and Masbia will give them out on a first come basis. Donations with a gift are tax deductible but you need to subtract the cost of the gift. If you wish to make a donation without receiving a gift or give a different donation amount click here.